At Barton Street Dental, We value our patients' experience. Read below what our happy clients say about us!

What Our Clients Say About Us

  • "Unusually gentle, thorough, thoughtful care by Dr. Barton and everyone on the staff who dealt with me. Phobic about dentistry? So am I, after some horrific experiences elsewhere. Don't be scared,these people are kind and intelligent."
    Ann M.
  • "I have been coming to this practice for several years and it is the ONLY dentist I have actually looked forward to coming! It is because of the wonderful people that are not only professional, but personable as well. All of the staff seem to just love their profession and you can certainly tell. The Dentists are very conservative and do not push for things that do not have to be done as some other practices do.
    I have referred several people to this practice and they all say the same thing..they had a "wonderful" experience.
    Let's hope they stay together for a long time to come."
    Eileen K.
  • "It is fun reading the reviews about how long people have been going. My family started going in 1972, my poor mother sitting through 4 kids or more getting cleanings. I can only remember having two hygienists, Tracie and Mrs. Tessier. 3 generations for our family. Thank you for the great service for many years."
    Scott S.
  • "Barton Street Dental is the dental practice that I've always hoped I'd find, for myself and my family. The care is excellent and always just enough and not too much. By that I mean the most effective treatment is done, rather than the most expensive. I always feel listened to and respected, and I just plain like all the people who work there in each and every role. The pricing is always fair and appropriate, and while I never want to have a dental emergency, when I have, the response has been way more than I could have hoped for. This is the kind of office with what might seem like by-gone days values, but with a modern-day, top-quality dental practice."
    Marc C.
  • "I just had another good visit to Dr Barton's office! After a lifetime of fear and loathing of dental appointments, switching to Barton Dental has made all the difference. Dr Barton, assistants and hygienist Audrey are so in tune with their patients' potential discomfort or anxiety and they are able to put you at ease (to the extent humanly possibly - ha) about being in that chair.
    My cleaning visits very often result in follow-up appointments for more work, and still my anxiety is reduced 100% from past dental visits where I used to live."
    Laura N.
  • "Barton Street Dental was recommended to me by my previous dentist when I moved to the area in 1995. My family has been well-served by the staff of Barton Street Dental...excellent service from staff members who are professional and personable. We each look forward to our appointments, especially with Charlie!!!"
    Martha G.
  • "When you have to go to the dentist, this is the place to go. They acknowledge your fear and help you through the work being done. Everyone is pleasant, with a great sense of humor."
    Joan C.
  • "I always have a great experience at Barton street dental! After years of issues with dentist after dentist, I am so relieved to have found an amazing one! I have seen both docs and love them both! Everyone was so good with my two year old when I had to bring her with my to my appointment. She is very shy but even let them look at her teeth."
    Lisa C.
  • "Tracie always does a fantastic job cleaning my teeth. I look forward to my hygiene appointments, and 6 months seems like a long time to wait. She is very professional and my health is her top concern."
    Donna L.
  • "Three family members have been going to Barton Street Dental since moving to the area in 2005. Excellent service, friendly staff, accommodating the occasional emergency. Would not hesitate to recommend to anyone!"
    Newbury women's Club
  • "I am very lucky that I was able to walk in the door and get accepted as a patient. It was just good luck. Thanks to them I have seriously improved my home care and they have provided excellent care on all levels. I highly recommend them."
    Sam C.
  • "I've been a patient for 25 years and I'm consistently impressed with the service. Dr. Barton and his team are top-notch. Thankfully, I've not had to use this team for emergency issues but I've been a steady patient for routine checkups and my teeth look beautiful:) Thanks Barton Street Dental!"
    Laurie H.

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